Registering OCX and DLL files as System Globals


You may receive an error when installing or running an application stating that an OCX file or a DLL file needs to be registered as system global. Make a note of the file that needs to be registered.

More Information

OCX Files

  1. Start your server in VGA mode.
  2. You will need to use the Regsvr.exe, Regsvr16.exe (16-bit), or Regsvr32.exe (32-bit) command to register the OCX file as system global. These commands are included in the development kit when Visual Basic or Visual FoxPro is installed.
Depending on the application, you may have to register several OCX files this way.

DLL Files

To register a DLL as a system global, go to the SYSTEM32 directory and locate the DLL mentioned in the error message. The command to register a file called Sample.dll is:

Registration data for a program is recognized only when the program is loaded. Therefore, if you issue a REGISTER command for a program that is already loaded, the changes will not take effect until the next time the program is loaded.

Also note that only administrators can run REGISTER.