Filtered out cells are overwritten at copy and paste


Please consider the following scenario:

1. Launch Excel.
2. Enter the following data in cells A1:C5:

Please note that the initial value of the B4 is 50.

3. Filter the column Color to show only Red.In column X only to values are shown, 20 and 40.
4. Select the cell with the values 20 and 40, B3 and B5, and press Ctrl+C.
5. Select the cell C2 and press Ctrl+V.Only the value 20 is shown.
6. Modify the filter to show all the colors.

The value 50 in cell B4 was replaced by value 40.


This is by design.


Please remove the filter before copying and pasting data.

More Information

This information can be found in the Help file for Excel found here

  • Excel pastes the copied data into consecutive rows or columns. If the paste area contains hidden rows or columns, you might need to unhide the paste area to see all of the copied cells.


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