Editing an entity dictionary via dictupdate


When editing a dictionary in ESP 5.3 SP3 via dictupdate, for example with the command:

dictupdate -a ..\resources\dictionaries\matching\mydictionary.aut -c add mynewterm

one may see that the updated dictionary is moved to a temporary location, either in the Windows user temp directory or in %FASTSEARCH%\resources\dictionaries\matching\<dictionaryname>\.  The dictionary will also have a new name of “tmpED.aut”. 


This is a new update update and is expected with SP3 and esp4jtool-dictcompile version 1.58. 


The dictionary does in fact get updated with the changes.  It is recommended that one rename this tmpED.aut to the original name of the dictionary and move it back to its original location: %FASTSEARCH%\resources\dictionaries\matching\.

Article ID: 2426763 - Last Review: Sep 27, 2010 - Revision: 1