Fingerprint Reader Becomes Unresponsive in Windows 7


When attempting to log on using the fingerprint reader, the system does not log you on, or request you to re-swipe your finger.


Input from the reader is not correctly directed to the user logon.


To work around this issue, click on the "Switch User" button, select the fingerprint icon, and re-swipe the registered finger or use another logon icon.

More Information

This occurs because the fingerprint reader no longer has current focus. This can occur after a logoff/logon sequence, or when logging on after resuming from sleep or hibernation. 

Other fingerprint applications may experience similar behavior. If the fingerprint swipe is not recognized by an application, click on the desktop, then click the desired application, then re-swipe your finger.


Article ID: 2427236 - Last Review: Oct 8, 2010 - Revision: 1