[SDP 2][0EAC423C-CCA0-429C-B2DC-50C93A483B98] ISA 2004-2006 Troubleshooter for Windows 2003


The ISA 2004-2006 Troubleshooter for Windows 2003 was designed to collect a comprehensive set of information for troubleshooting ISA 2004-2006 issues.

More Information

This article describes information that may be collected from a machine when running ISA 2004-2006 Troubleshooter for Windows Server 2003.

Information Collected

ISA Server Best Practice Analyzer
DescriptionFile Name
ISA Server Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) is a diagnostic tool that automatically performs specific test on configuration data collected on the local ISA Server computer.  This information is gathered from the ISA Server hierarchy of administration COM objects, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) classes, the system registry, files on the disk and the Domain Name System (DNS) settings.IsaBPA.data.xml

ISA Info
DescriptionFile Name
ISAInfo is used to provide an automated mechanism for ISA and TMG Server administrators to report their machine and array configuration to Microsoft Product Support.isainfo_{Computername}.xml


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