Outlook Hotmail Connector send/receive error 4403 or 1133 and prompt to repair synchronization configuration

Applies to: Outlook


You use the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector to synchronize Microsoft Office Outlook to a Windows Live Hotmail account. After the synchronization occurs, the Send/Receive Progress status bar in Outlook reports a send/receive error. When you click the status bar, you receive the following error message:

There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: 4403.

Error code 1133 may also be reported instead of error code 4403. This behavior may occur because both errors represent the same error but with origins from the client for error code 1133 and from the server for error code 4403. You may also find the following message in the Sync Issues folder of the Hotmail account in Outlook:

17:14:19 Error Synchronizing Message

                Error: 1133

                Server Command: CHANGE

You also receive the following prompt to repair the synchronization configuration:

Cannot synchronize Outlook to Windows Live Hotmail account.
No new e-mail messages will be received for the Windows Live Hotmail account until the synchronization configuration is repaired.
Synchronization configuration can be automatically repaired, but requires downloading all of your messages which might take a while. Any item not synchronized will be saved in the Sync Issues folder.

Do you want to automatically repair the synchronization configuration?
After you repair the configuration by clicking Yes, you notice that some mail messages are missing from the client but are not missing on the web. These missing mail items were sent to you before the time of the repair. You continue to receive new items after the repair.


This error occurs when the sync table of the Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector is out of sync with the server. This behavior may occur after weeks or months during which the account is not synchronized. Or, it may occur if another computer or device has synchronized with the account. Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector tries to repair the synchronization configuration by redownloading the headers to all mail items in the account.

Sometimes during the repair, some items never sync down from the server because of network-connection issues or because of conflicts between the server and the client. Because the client does not have a record of these items, later syncs will not bring down these missing items.
To work around this issue and to redownload missing mail items, follow these steps:
  1. In your Internet browser, log on to your Hotmail account.
  2. Open the Microsoft Outlook profile that contains the Outlook Hotmail Connector account.
  3. Compare your inbox items that are on the web and on the client, and note which items are not present in Outlook.
  4. In the Hotmail inbox in your Internet browser, select one of the missing items. Then, flag this item by clicking the flag icon, or mark it as read/unread by using the menu options above the inbox.
  5. Repeat step 4 for each item that is missing in Outlook. This will mark the item as changed. Then, the server will send the item back to the client, and Outlook Hotmail Connector can re-create the item.
  6. When all items are marked, move back to Outlook.
  7. Click Send/Receive on the Send/Receive tab, or press F9 to sync your Outlook Hotmail Connector account with the server.
  8. You should see your missing items arrive in your Outlook inbox. If you do not, try to synchronize again, or try to change the missing items again.