FAST Search Server installation not starting up properly


After successfully installing FAST Search, you find that "nctrl status" reports the configserver process as "dead"; other processes will also show as "dead", and this issue may also be detected when securing the connection between the contentdistributor and the FAST Content SSA in SharePoint via SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1, which would log "...make sure that instance of FAST Search Server backend is running"


The configserver can have an incorrect config file generated due to duplicates entries in the deployment.xml; it will then log this on each startup attempt and exit:

SearchClusterError: The Real-Time Search column at hostname.domain:13280 already exists  


There should be a single <host> entry in %FASTSEARCH%\etc\config_data\deployment\deployment.xml per individual server, listing all the services to be deployed. Listing a host more than once can result in invalid configurations being generated. After correcting the deployment.xml file on the FAST admin node, the steps in the following article should be followed to generate correct configurations
No services should be reported as "dead" in "nctrl status" output afterwards.

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