Bing Suggestions do not work in the built-in guest user account


An error message similar to the following occurs when you type keywords into the Bing search toolbar in Internet Explorer, when Bing is set as the default search provider and the user is logged in as the built-in guest user account:

An error occurred.


Restrictions on the built-in guest user profile prevent the Bing search toolbar suggestions from displaying as expected.


To work around this problem, choose one of the following options:

1) If logged into the machine as the built-in guest user account, open Internet Explorer as an administrative user and then enter the search terms into the Bing search toolbar.

2) Do not use the built-in guest user profile. Instead, create a new profile, remove it from the users group and add it to the guests security group. 


Article ID: 2448851 - Last Review: Nov 9, 2010 - Revision: 1