What are my internal-use rights benefits? Why are they important for me to use?

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Internal-use software licenses for the latest Microsoft software allow you to get firsthand knowledge of features and capabilities. The Microsoft Partner Network continually updates the internal-use software benefits with new products and more recent versions of software already available to partners. You can use these new benefits as soon as they are added to the Microsoft Partner Network licensing list. Software benefits, delivered through digital download, can be used to run your business and to help you gain valuable hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

Note: MPN Competency or MAPS are NOT a licensing channel, meaning that you don’t join MPN solely for the purpose of getting your organizational licensing needs met.

More Information

The content in this section addresses specific subtopics related to digital distribution internal-use rights. The subtopics and related content are based on Microsoft partner feedback. Microsoft will continue to update this article as new feedback is received.

Software license benefits overview

Software licensing benefits provided by the Microsoft Partner Network enable you to learn about Microsoft software and services, develop and support solutions on Microsoft platforms, and promote and sell Microsoft software and services. In addition, by adopting Microsoft software earlier, you can provide valuable feedback that will help Microsoft make improvements.
How to find my license benefits and view the licensing statement

To view your license benefits and licensing statement, you must first log in with a Microsoft account that has administrator permissions. Visit the Digital Distribution Portal. Once signed in, click Licensing Information and see the summary tab.How to locate a product key
  1. Go to the Access My Software page. This page requires a Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID) to access.
  2. Click Software Download. This requires administrator permissions or an administrator to grant permissions through the Partner Membership Center.
  3. Click Downloads and Keys.     

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Additional resources:
Sign up for Microsoft Office 365 using your internal-use rights

Read this step-by-step guide created for partners who are signing up for Microsoft Office 365 for the first time and have unused licenses from their Microsoft Partner Network benefits.
How to sign up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online internal-use rights

Read this how-to guide for existing Microsoft partners with gold or silver competencies who want to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in their businesses by taking advantage of their existing software license benefits. 
How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses

Review this guide to learn how to activate your Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses.
Troubleshooting download issues

Use the FAQ to find answers to your questions about downloading your Microsoft software benefits, including how the digital distribution program works, physical media choices, and important policies.
Troubleshooting post-download issues (product key, activation, etc.)

For partners with competencies:

Which products require product activation? What do I need to know about product activation?

Product activation is required for Windows Server and client operating systems and all Microsoft Office client applications. Product keys for these products are issued with a finite number of activations. This means that each time a machine is activated, one of the product activations for that particular product key is consumed; this includes situations in which the same machine is reimaged and activated. For this reason, the number of licenses your organization is entitled to and the number of activations it has been assigned are not the same. You should not activate learning, development lab, and demonstration computers that are frequently reimaged. Instead, for these computers, you should use the initial grace periods combined with the rearm functionality. For specific details, refer to the Partner Volume Activation Guide.

For Microsoft Action Pack subscribers:

What happens after I have activated the product key?

The product keys provided with the Action Pack subscriptions allow a limited number of activations. Licenses are consumed when a product key is activated in one of the following ways:
  • If the software is installed on the same machine with no changes made to the hardware, the product activation counts as one license.
  • If the software is installed on the same machine with changes made to the hardware, the product activation counts as a new license.
  • If the software is installed on a different machine, the product activation counts as a new license.

Additional resources:
Activation rules/policies
The Microsoft Partner Network grants software licenses only for internal business needs, customer demonstrations, and internal training purposes. These licenses cannot be used for direct revenue-generating, commercial purposes. For example, partners may not use the software licenses to engage in website or email hosting for monetary compensation. (Hosting policies are covered under the Services Provider License Agreement [SPLA]). Additionally, the Partner Network provides subscription licenses to Microsoft Visual Studio with MSDN, which supplies designated licenses for partners’ development needs. Software licenses may not be resold, transferred, or assigned to any third party.

Partners can mix and match on-premise software and cloud services. Licenses do not provide downgrade rights or any other Software Assurance benefits.


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