Autofocus on Surface 3, Surface Pro, Surface Go, and Surface Book

Applies to: Surface DevicesSurface

To help you improve the sharpness of your photos and videos, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro (5th Gen), Surface Pro (5th Gen) with LTE Advanced, Surface Pro 6, Surface Go, Surface Go with LTE Advanced, Surface Book, and Surface Book 2 feature an autofocus lens that lets you spot adjust the focus before you take a picture or while recording a video.

The rear-facing camera on these devices has an autofocus lens that detects a face in the scene automatically and focuses on it. If it doesn’t detect a face, it will focus on the main subject in the center of the screen.

You can adjust and lock the focus on a different location by tapping the screen on that spot. If you’re shooting a video, you can spot adjust the focus without stopping the recording. When you tap the screen to adjust the focus, the focus is locked on that spot until you tap the screen again.

Here’s how to adjust and lock the focus:

  • Photos: Tap the screen to focus on that spot, then tap the Camera button to take the picture.
  • Videos: While you’re recording video, tap the screen to spot adjust the focus.

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