After running Admin Provisioning Tool, debugging from Visual Studio leads to an authorization error - Known issue in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations platform update 12 (November 2017)


If you are development on a local development environment (Downloadable VHD) that has been originally released with Platform Update 12, the Admin Provisioning tool may not function as expected. If you have provisioned your own administrator account using the Admin Provisioning tool, when you debug (or run without debugging) a form from Visual Studio, you may get the following error in the browser: "You are not authorized to logon with your current credentials...", you are then redirected to the logon page.


We are working on a fix. In the meantime, you can do the following to workaround the problem:
1. Open the file C:\AOSService\PackagesLocalDirectory\Bin\DynamicsDevConfig.xml in Notepad (You need to open it as an administrator)
2. Change the value of OfflineAuthenticationAdminEmail to the admin e-mail address you are using.
3. Save.
4. Restart Visual Studio.

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