How To Import Multi-Currency Transactions Using Transaction Import

Applies to: Dynamics SL 2011Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015


Specify the Currency ID, Rate Type, and Effective Date in the Transaction Import (98.500.00) Data file. 

1. Currency and CuryRate lines may be added to a Transaction Import Data File. The following rules must be observed: 

  >> Only one currency per batch may be imported, while the Rate and Rate Type may change throughout the batch. Therefore, if entering a Currency line in a Data file it must be followed by a CuryRate line followed by a Batch line. However, a CuryRate line can be placed by itself in a Data file. 

  >> The currency cannot change while entering detail lines. Therefore, a Currency or CuryRate line cannot be placed between detail lines (i.e. Detail,"","" CuryRate,SPOT,"",1.2 Detail,"",""). 

  >> In order to use a CuryRate line, at least one Currency line must have been successfully processed. 

  >> A Currency ID on a Currency line cannot be left to defaults (i.e. ""). The Effective Date and the Rate on the CuryRate line canbe left to default. 

  >> Following is an example of a correct Voucher Data file entry: 

 Currency, CAD 

 CuryRate, SPOT, 03/03/2003, .74 

 "Batch",,200501,"H",100.00, "Document",,"VO","VENDID",03/03/2003,,03/03/2003,01,100.00,0,"A",,,,,03/03/2003,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 


 (where CAD = the correct currency and VendID = the correct Vendor ID etc...) 

 2. No change to the Transaction Import Control File is required.

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