Error event in the System log when you use the DpmBackup program in System Center Data Protection Manager 2006: "Error code 1@01000003"


When you use the DpmBackup command to create shadow copies of the replica volumes in Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2006, the backup operation runs successfully. However, when you examine the System log, you notice that the following Error event is logged:You experience this behavior if the Virtual Disk Service is running.

Note The DPM service depends on the Virtual Disk Service.


This behavior occurs because of how the Virtual Disk Service works with volumes in Microsoft Windows. When the DpmBackup.exe program runs, the volume snapshots that this program generates are mounted as virtual volumes. When a new volume snapshot is created, the Virtual Disk Service calls the IOCTL_STORAGE_GET_DEVICE_NUMBER storage I/O control code to obtain the device number of the new volume. However, because there is no device number associated with a volume snapshot, the Virtual Disk Service provider generates an error and then logs an Error event in the System log.


You do not have to take any action to work around this behavior. This behavior does not indicate a problem in Data Protection Manager 2006.

More Information

For more information about Data Protection Manager 2006 and about the DpmBackup program, see the Data Protection Manager 2006 Operations Guide. To obtain this guide, visit the following Microsoft Web site: