How FRx Determines C for Credit Balance Accounts in a Row Format

More Information

FRx knows that an account is a credit balance by using data from the frl_acct_code table under the normal_bal field. To determine if an account number is a debit or credit account run this select statement in the query tool of your choice (i.e. Query Analyzer, SQL Plus, etc.): select normal_bal, acct_code from frl_acct_code order by normal_balThe normal_bal field will have a 0 or a 1. Accounts with the 0 normal_bal are debit balances and those with a 1 are credit balances.normal_bal acct_code 1 1000-10 1 1000-20 1 1000-30 Therefore, the above account numbers would pull a C in the Row Format's Column E Norm Bal when you use the Add Rows from Chart of Accounts option in the Row Format. This would be useful if the Cs are not pulling in the Row Format for the natural credit accounts.