PRB: File Not Found Error When You Add New Users


When a new user is added to Visual SourceSafe, the Admin program generates one of the following errors:
File <path to the Project>\USERS Not Found
Invalid DOS Path
In SourceSafe 5.0 and earlier, the user is added to SourceSafe. The directory for the user is also created in all versions, but it does not contain the initialization file Ss.ini.


The Admin program cannot find the Template.ini, a template for the Ss.ini. When a new user is added, the Admin program creates a directory for the user. It also creates a user file, Ss.ini, which contains default settings for this particular user. The Admin program uses the Template.ini file to create the Ss.ini file. If the Template.ini file is not in the Users directory, the error "File Not Found" is displayed.


If there is no Template.ini file in the Users directory, you can create this file from the information provided below. Copy this code into a text file. Then save the text file as Template.ini, and copy it to the Users directory.

Content of the Template.ini

   ; ss.ini
; This file contains all the variables that "customize" Visual
; SourceSafe to your particular needs. The ss.ini variables are
; documented in the Visual SourceSafe User's Manual. Only a few of them
; are placed in this file by default.

; Visual C++ programmers should remove the semicolon from the following
; line, to uncomment it. Other programmers REPLACE the line with
; different masks.
; Relevant_Masks = *.c, *.h, *., *.asm

; The following line prevents you from being asked for a checkout
; comment.
Checkout_Comment = -

; The following lines force Visual SourceSafe not to execute certain
; file types.
.reg (Win) = notepad.exe
.vbp (Win) = notepad.exe
.vcp (Win) = notepad.exe
.mak (Win) = notepad.exe
.bat (Win) = notepad.exe

; Your current Visual SourceSafe project.
Project = $/


This behavior is by design.