Find your way with Maps

Whether you’re driving, walking or taking the bus, never get lost again. See your route on the map, in a list, or keep your eyes on the road while Maps guides you by voice.

Get turn-by-turn directions

  1. On Start

    Start icon
    , select the Maps app, then select Menu > Directions . (If you don’t see Maps on Start
    Start icon
    , swipe over to the All apps list to find it.)

  2. Select Driving &@@#xE804;, Public Transport &@@#xE806; or Walking directions at the top, and select Options to choose things you’d like to avoid such as toll roads, traffic or tunnels.

  3. Type an address, city or business name in the To box, then select .

  4. If there’s more than one way to get there, select the route you want on the map, or select the grey bar with the handles , then select the route you want in the list.

    • Drag the handles up or down to show more or less of the directions list.

    • To zoom in on the map for a particular step, select the step in the directions list.

    • For guided voice directions, select Go.

Getting directions

Where’s my car?

    When you arrive, save your car’s location so that you can find it later. If you’re using guided directions, you’ll see Car at the bottom of the screen as you near your destination. If not, use these steps.

  1. In Maps, select Menu > Favourites .

  2. Under Car , select Add location or New location.

  3. If you need to, select Adjust on map, move the map until the car is in the right location, then select Done. You can also add a photo or note if you like. When you’re finished, select Save.

  4. To get back to your car again later, go back to it in Favourites , or select Car on the map, then select Directions.

Offline maps

    On the road without dependable Internet access? Download maps over WiFi before you go, so that you can use them offline later.

  1. In Maps, select Menu > Settings .

  2. Under Offline maps, select Download or update maps, then Download maps.

  3. Choose the map you want, and it will start downloading immediately.


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