What's new in Windows 10 Mobile

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile has new features and refinements for you to explore. Here are just a few of them.

Take panoramic pics

Can't fit everybody in the shot? Get a wide view of the world with the new Panorama mode in the Camera app.

An image showing the camera screen as a panorama is being captured

If you can’t wait to start taking photos, there’s more good news—the ​Camera button is now on the lock screen for super-speedy picture taking.

Your notifications at a glance

Your lock screen doesn't have to hide everything—turn on Glance screen to see notifications, check the time, and try out night mode.

Glance screen personalization settings in Windows 10 Mobile

Work from phone with Continuum

If it’s available for your device, Continuum lets your phone power a second screen, like a TV or a monitor, all without a dock or wireless adapter. Connect a mouse and keyboard to use your phone like you use your PC—your phone screen is free to use as you always do.

See the Continuum for phones: FAQ to find out what you'll need.

Rule the web with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the browser that gives you new and faster ways to find stuff, or go back to something you've already seen. Browse more briskly by swiping left/right to go back/forward to different webpages.

Get apps, music, and more

The Store is a one-stop shop for music, videos, games, and apps. Try out an app before you buy it, or pick a free one. Your Windows 10 apps will work on all your Windows 10 devices.

Store home page

Make notifications a priority

Not all notifications are created equal. Action center lets you choose which app notifications get higher priority, so they always appear near the top of your notifications list.

Open action center


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