You cannot pin a local webpage in Internet Explorer 11


You cannot add a local webpage to your Favorites sites or pinned sites in Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1 if the webpage refers to a local image as its full bleed logo. 


Internet Explorer supports the pinning of websites to the Start screen as small, medium, wide, and large tiles. Sites can define which logos to support on the tile sizes by specifying these images in the following meta tags: 
  • msapplication-square150x150logo
  • msapplication-square70x70logo
  • msapplication-square310x310logo
  • msapplication-wide310x150logo
However, if the webpage contains meta tags that refer to local images, the webpage cannot be pinned or added to your Favorites sites from Internet Explorer 11.


To work around this issue, remove these meta tags so that the local website can be pinned or added to your Favorites sites.

Article ID: 2900068 - Last Review: 30 Jul 2015 - Revision: 1