You can't sync a SharePoint 2010 library to OneDrive for Business 2013


Assume that you have a SharePoint Document library in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. When you try to sync this library to OneDrive for Business 2013 on your PC, the sync operation fails. Additionally, OneDrive for Business returns the following error: 

Sorry, we can't sync this library because it's hosted on a SharePoint 2010
server. For more information, please get in touch with your help desk.


OneDrive for Business 2013 is intended for use with SharePoint 2013. The original release of OneDrive for Business sometimes synced to SharePoint 2010, but the sync was unreliable and was never supported. As of the October 2013 update to OneDrive for Business (update 2825633), the server version is detected, and the version restriction is enforced.  


To sync SharePoint content to your computer, use the SharePoint client software of the same version, as follows:
  • To sync SharePoint 2010 content, use SharePoint Workspace 2010.
  • To sync SharePoint 2013 content, including content that's hosted on Office 365 SharePoint Online, use OneDrive for Business 2013.
Note To accommodate upgrade schedules, you can also sync SharePoint 2013 content to SharePoint Workspace 2010.

More Information

If you have already synced a SharePoint 2010 library by using OneDrive for Business, that library may remain in sync initially. However, any changes to the library schema will cause the sync to fail. 

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