Session information unexpectedly lost in CRM for Outlook


Sessions established by the CRM add-in in Outlook can be lost intermittently, causing the user to have to re-enter credentials to access the required information.

The steps to reproduce the problem are:
  • Open Outlook, making sure the CRM add-in loads and no IE processes are already started. Then browse CRM information from within Outlook. Be sure to open several contacts or leads.
  • Then open IE10 and navigate to any website
  • Go back to Outlook and navigate through the CRM information. At some point you should be prompted for credentials in order to access the information you need.


This is a known issue with IE10's session count mechanism which is currently being investigated.


Until a final solution is available, the only available workaround is to launch IE10 before Outlook is opened. This will ensure the relevant session counter is initiated properly, avoiding the issue described in this article.

More Information

This problem is not exclusive to the CRM add-in for Outlook, but instead for any application that makes use of the WebBrowser control, in environments where IE10 is installed.

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