Items that you tag are not showing up on Tagged Items or on SEE ALL


After you tag a document in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 by using the “Tags and Notes” feature, you will not see the item listed under Tagged Items on the About page for that tag. Also, when you click the SEE ALL link below Tagged Items, the item that was tagged will not be displayed.


This is an expected behavior due to a change in the way that tagging works in SharePoint 2013.

More Information

The "Tags and Notes" feature of SharePoint 2013 uses a new Managed Metadata column to store all the tags in the system. This is a system column that is added whenever someone uses a tag in the Newsfeed. Tagged Items will show any non-newsfeed items that are tagged with that same tag. There are two methods to accomplish this:
  • Use the Enterprise Keywords feature on a list and then tag documents or list items by using the tags from the tag column.
  • Add the tag column directly to the list and then apply tags.
The tagging that was performed will get picked up by the next search crawl of the content and then show up on the tag profile page for that tag. 

Also, The SEE ALL link located below Tagged Items on the About page for the tag will take you to the search page to show any items that were truncated from the short list on the About page. Common Causes for tagged items not showing up are that they're not tagged by using the exact tag that was used. This could occur due to the tag was originally created through a means other than the newsfeed or the tag column directly. For example, if one used a tag in the Enterprise keywords column, it will be created in the Keywords column. If you then use that same tag in the Newsfeed, it will create a new tag with the same label in the tags term set; the tag profile page will only refer to items that were tagged by using this new term. Therefore, if you pre-tag items by using the Enterprise Keywords column and then use the same tags, they won't show up from a social prospective. To resolve that, you must re-tag the items with the value that comes from the tag term set. You will be presented with the disambiguation dialog when you try to re-tag an item with the same value, if that tag exists in both Keywords and tags.

In addition, it is important to be aware that using the "Tags and Notes" feature to tag items in SharePoint 2013, will not result in items appearing in the Tagged Items area of the tag profile page. This is an expected behavior due to how tags are stored for "Tags and Notes", which is with the user's profile, rather than with the content directly.  


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