“Cannot initialize DirectX” error when you start Power Map


Consider this scenario:

You attempt to create a Power Map tour, but when you click the Map button on the Insert ribbon, you receive an error message saying

Cannot initialize DirectX.


The most likely cause for this issue is insufficient support for DirectX in your video card or the video driver. To confirm this:

  1. On the Run line, type dxdiag.exe and then click Enter.
  2. Click Save all information... and save it as a text file.
  3. Open the text file and search for DDI
DDI levels must be 10.0 or higher.


Check for an updated video driver with the correct level of support. If none is available, update your video card.

More Information

The DirectX level in the DxDiag report indicates the level of support in your operating system. The DDI level indicates the DirectX support in your video card and driver.

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