Changes to the Height field remove Time settings in Power Map


Consider this scenario:
  • You are creating a new Power Map tour.
  • You set your geographic locations, and add both a Height field and a Time field.
  • You set the Time field to show for an instance.
  • You replace the Height field with a different value field.
In this scenario, the time settings revert to the default, and data now accumulates over time.


This is a confirmed issue with Power Map. Microsoft will post further information when it is available.


The workaround is to reset your time options after each change to the Height/Value/Size field well.

Note The label for the Height well will change with the type of chart you choose.
  • If you use a Column chart, the field well is called Height.
  • If you use a Bubble chart, the field well is called Size.
  • If you use a heat map, the field well is called Value.

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