How to submit a Coop claim


This article provides instructions on submitting a Cooperative Marketing (Coop) claim via the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP).

Please note that this article is not applicable to Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) partners.

More Information

In order to submit a Coop claim via the Channel Incentives Platform tool (CHIP), please follow the steps below:
  1. Open CHIP and login using your Microsoft Account (previous Live ID) and password.
  2. Select Program Name - Rebates.
  3. Selecting Submit a Claim from the I Need To… menu.
  4. Selecting the Usage Period and the Claim category.
  5. Selecting the relevant approved Market Development (MD) activity plan.
  6. Complete the Claim Form.
  7. Complete the Invoice information.
  8. Add and Upload the Invoice.
  9. Add and Upload your Proof of Execution (POE) documents.
  10. Review the completed form.
  11. Click Submit to send the claim to Microsoft for approval.

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