Visual Studio 2015 CTP fixed bugs and known issues

This article lists the fixed bugs and known issues for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Previews (CTPs).

About Visual Studio 2015 CTP

Visual Studio 2015 CTPs are prerelease versions of the next major release for Visual Studio. CTPs provide early adopters with the ability to share feedback with the product team as well as an opportunity to test the new and improved product features. This release is not intended for use on production computers or to create production code.

The goal of this CTP is to collect your feedback. To report a bug, please use Connect. You can also share your ideas and suggestions on UserVoice. Your quick thoughts can be shared by using Send-a-Smile through the Visual Studio IDE.

Download the latest Visual Studio 2015 CTP now.

  • CTPs are in English only.
  • CTPs are unsupported and are intended to be used for testing, trials, and feedback only.
  • CTPs are not subjected to final validation. They are not meant to be run on production workstations or servers, or to be used to create production code. If you install a CTP on a production server, this puts the server into an unsupported state.
  • Although these CTPs are intended to be installed side by side together with earlier versions of Visual Studio, full compatibility for every CTP is not guaranteed.