FAQ on MPSA Local Campaign


This article provides information on common question son MPSA.

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Q: Will there be monthly MPSA incentive earnings reports for partners?

A:  No, there will not be any reports provided until the end of the program. Partners can view the MPSA transactions in Oneview. 

Q:  Is Public Sector eligible for MPSA incentives?

A:  No, Public Sector is not eligible for MPSA.

Q:  Is recurring MPSA revenue eligible for MPSA incentives?

A:  No, recurring revenue is not eligible.

Q:  When will payments be processed?

A:  MPSA incentives payments will be processed as a one-time payment around mid-August.

Q:  How long will the MPSA incentive program run?

A:  The program will only run through Q4 FY15, April 1 – June 30, 2015.

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