"HCW8010 Default Receive Connector cannot be found on server" error when you run the Hybrid Configuration wizard

Applies to: Exchange OnlineExchange Server 2013 EnterpriseExchange Server 2013 Standard Edition


When you run the Hybrid Configuration wizard, you receive the following error message:
HCW8010 Default Receive Connector cannot be found on server <ServerName>.


If you have a Receive connector set up in your environment, this issue typically occurs if IP version 6 (IPv6) is disabled on a server.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:
  1. Enable IPv6 on the Exchange servers in your environment. For more information about how to do this, see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
    929852 How to disable IPv6 or its components in Windows
  2. Add the IPv6 binding to the Receive connector. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Exchange Management Shell.
    2. Run the following command to identify the default Receive connector that's using port 25: 
      Get-ReceiveConnector –Server <ServerName> | Where {$_.Bindings –match ‘25’} 
    3. Run the following commands to update the Receive connector:
      $rc = Get-ReceiveConnector “<ServerName>\Default Frontend <ServerName>” 
      $rc.Bindings += "[::]:25" 
      Set-ReceiveConnector $rc -Bindings $rc.Bindings 


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