August 9, 2016, update for SharePoint Server 2016 (KB3115437)

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2016

This article describes update KB3115437 for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016, which was released on August 9, 2016. This update has a prerequisite.

Improvements and fixes

This update includes the following improvements and fixes for SharePoint Server 2016:

  • Translates some terms in multiple languages to make sure that the meaning is accurate.
  • Adds a new public API for getting all terms in a term set. This API always includes children of deprecated terms.
  • Other people's queries are available to users in the QLogClickedText managed property. The QLogClickedText managed property isn't displayed in the default search results but is returned from the search engine. The QLogClickedTextmanaged property has changed its default from being retrievable to not being retrievable. The past default can be restored by making the QLogClickedText managed property retrievable in the Search Schema management.
  • This update will allow to remove search results from the index until the next incremental crawl.
  • When you run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard (PSConfig), an error occurs. The error message on the result summary page or in the result summary command line output is generic and doesn't provide enough information to help fix the problem. This update now presents detailed error messages to identify which failures affect critical configuration tasks and which failures affect noncritical configuration tasks in the PSConfig summary. Error messages about missing SharePoint features now include the feature title instead of just the feature GUID. Error messages are displayed when the upgrading or updating has been improved. Finally, the summary message includes instructions for how to retry the configuration tasks that failed.
  • Fixes the following issues:

    • When you create a Visual Studio workflow and use the WaitForItemEvent activity against an item, the item ID is ignored.
    • When you try to refine a search by using the blank text box and enter the quotation mark, or enter several letters and use the auto-complete quotation marks, you receive the following error message:
      Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings.

    • When some products or updates are installed on a SharePoint Server 2016 based computer, the SharePoint configuration database may be unaware of the installed product or update. This can cause a failure when the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard (PSConfig) is running to do an upgrade. PSConfig will now automatically update the product and update state for the local server in the configuration database to avoid the failure.
    • If you write a custom refiner that inherits the RefinementCategory class, the created query isn't scoped correctly.
    • When you try to add a source or location to an E-discovery set or an E-discovery case, you receive an exception if E-Discovery on-premises is connected by using a Cloud Search Service Application (SSA).
    • A Compliance Policy Center isn't provisioned completely when the server time zone isn't set to UTC+0. No error is visible for the end-user, the ULS log contains the following event:
      Information Policy Management asv22 Unexpected Error creating Dar Task Aggregate items for policy center.
      When you set up the DLP scenario, the DAR task list stays empty. This prevents the DLP functionality to work.
    • PSConfig may throw an exception when it's logging error messages for its summary if the error string is null.
This update includes the following improvements and fixes for Project Server 2016:

  • Improves performance for the CSOM API GetByUser method from the Enterprise Resource Collection when there are thousands resources in Project Server.
  • Fixes the following issues:

    • In the SharePoint Central Administration Health Analyzer, the Missing server side dependencies Configuration rule shows multiple errors that should not be listed. For example, on the Configuration category, the explanation says:
      [Upgrade] The number of column pool tables exceeds the database limit. The tables that exceed this limit and should be dropped.
    • Assume that the Single Entry Mode timesheet setting is enabled. When a timesheet user receives status notifications, the link in the received email navigates to the My Tasks page instead of the Timesheet page.
    • SQL Lock escalation is disabled by default for SharePoint content databases. This causes large databases to fail during the migration from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2016 because of memory constraints.
    • After earned values are calculated in PWA from the schedule project detail page, the values may not be saved. This means the published views of the earned values may not be accurate.

How to download and install the update

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To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 installed.

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