Outlook Web App policy in the Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR environment


In Microsoft Office 365 Dedicated/ITAR, there are three Outlook Web App (OWA) policies:
  • Default
  • Deskless_Worker
  • Kiosk
To check these policies, run the following cmdlet:
Get-OwaMailboxPolicy | fl Name 

Name : Default
Name : Deskless_Worker
Name : Kiosk
If there is an OWA mailbox policy assigned to a mailbox plan, it will be assigned during provisioning. The only plan that currently has a policy assigned is the Kiosk plan. This policy, by definition, has reduced functionality. To check these policies, run the following cmdlet:
Get-CASMailboxPlan | sort OwaMailboxPolicy -Descending | FT Name, OwaMailboxPolicy 
For example, the output may resemble the following:
Name                                                        OwaMailboxPolicy
---- ----------------
EKDA_1GB Kiosk
EKD_200MB Kiosk
EKD_2GB Kiosk
EKDA_500MB Kiosk
EKDA_200MB Kiosk
EKDA2_2GB Kiosk
EKDA_2GB Kiosk
EKD_1GB Kiosk
EKD_500MB Kiosk
If a mailbox has reduced functionality that was not intended, see 2987640: Your mailbox can't be accessed or has limited functionality after a mailbox plan is changed from Kiosk to another plan in Office 365 dedicated/ITAR for more information.

The Default policy, which has all options turned on, is not assigned to any plans and therefore will not be assigned to any mailboxes by default. For more information, see Outlook Web App mailbox policies.

The Deskless_Worker policy resembles the Kiosk policy except that ActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled is set to False.

New OWA policies can be created and assigned after a mailbox is provisioned. For more information, see create an Outlook Web App mailbox policy.

To see which policy, if any, is set on a mailbox, run the following cmdlet:
Get-CASMailbox <SMTP> | fl OwaMailboxPolicy 

To set a policy across a set of users, run the following cmdlet:
Get-CASMailbox –OrganizationalUnit "Contoso" | Set-CASMailbox –OWAMailboxPolicy "Contoso OWA Policy" 

More Information

Settings can also be controlled through OWA virtual directories. For more information, see view or configure Outlook Web App virtual directories.


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