Cumulative Update 3 for SQL Server 2016 SP1

Applies to: SQL Server 2016 DeveloperSQL Server 2016 EnterpriseSQL Server 2016 Enterprise Core

This article describes cumulative update package 3 (build number: 13.0.4435.0) for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack (SP) 1. This update contains fixes that were released after the release of SQL Server 2016 SP1.

Cumulative update

Cumulative updates (CU) are now available at the Microsoft Download Center.

Only the most recent CU that was released for SQL Server 2016 SP1 is available at the Download Center.

  • Each new CU contains all the fixes that were included with the previous CU for the installed version/Service Pack of SQL Server.
  • Microsoft recommends ongoing, proactive installation of CUs as they become available:

    • SQL Server CUs are certified to the same levels as Service Packs, and should be installed at the same level of confidence.
    • Historical data shows that a significant number of support cases involve an issue that has already been addressed in a released CU.
    • CUs may contain added value over and above hotfixes. This includes supportability, manageability, and reliability updates.

  • Just as for SQL Server service packs, we recommend that you test CUs before you deploy them to production environments.
  • We recommend that you upgrade your SQL Server installation to the latest SQL Server 2016 service pack.

How to obtain this cumulative update package

The following update is available from the Microsoft Download Center:

If the download page does not appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the cumulative update package.

Note After future cumulative updates are released for SQL Server 2016, this CU can be located and downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update Catalog. However, Microsoft recommends that you install the latest cumulative update available.

Additional hotfixes that are included in this cumulative update package

VSTS bug number KB article number Description Fix area
9813881 3211948 FIX: "Adjust height to fit zone" setting of the SSRS 2016 Report Viewer Web Part isn't respected on a SharePoint webpage Reporting Services
9917140 4019903 FIX: Query against sys.dm_db_partition_stats DMV is slow if the database contains many partitions in SQL Server 2016 SQL services
9813868 4014738 FIX: Error occurs when you drop a subscription by using a non-sysadmin account in SQL Server SQL service
9730123 4016805 FIX: The SQL Server Analysis Service encounters an internal error when it processes a Tabular model Analysis Services
9722266 4016902 FIX: Access violation occurs when used SELECT TOP query to retrieve data from clustered columnstore index in SQL Server 2016 SQL performance
9635707 4017013 FIX: Large memory allocations of type MEMOBJ_XSTMT occur when you run the sys.dm_exec_query_stats script in SQL Server SQL service
9704803 4017737 FIX: MDS entity sync fails if the Name or Code attribute contains non-default values in SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services (MDS)
9646715 4018741 FIX: MDX query returns an error in SQL Server Analysis Service if the dimension table contains members that do not exist in the fact table Analysis Services
9735541 4018866 FIX: Parallel redo causes high memory usage in SQL Server 2016 when it's compared to SQL Server 2014 or earlier versions SQL service
9853847 4019028 FIX: SQL Server 2016 consumes more memory when columnstore index is reorganizeda> SQL service
9855185 4019285 FIX: Error when you execute DBCC CLONEDATABASE on an "Always Encrypted" enabled database in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9741797 3122088 Sqlps utility fails to run when the "Turn on Script Execution" policy is set to "Allow all scripts" in SQL Server Management Tools
9616836 4019799 FIX: Deadlock when run the "CleanOrphanedPolicies" and "DeleteDataSources" built-in stored procedures together in SSRS 2016 Reporting Services
9781129 4019803 FIX: KPI's appear in a random order on adding them to the Favorites page in SSRS 2016 web portal Reporting Services
9813880 4013877 Update enables DML query plan to scan query memory-optimized tables in parallel in SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP
9690463 4019988 FIX: SSAS 2016 crashes with an access violation when many partitions and their aggregations/indexes are processed together concurrently Analysis Services
9783888 4016613 FIX: Reporting Services web portal stops responding when you edit a subscription if a parameter has many available values in SQL Server Reporting Services
9627366 4016945 FIX: "The custom resolver for this article requires OLEAUT32.DLL with a minimum version of 2.40.4276" error with merge publication in SQL Server SQL service
9846459 4017154 Intra-query deadlock on communication buffer when you run a bulk load against a clustered columnstore index in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9367899 3198827 FIX: KPIs return a non-translated caption when an MDSCHEMA_MEASURES request is issued and the restrictions request hidden members Analysis Services
9578382 4019097 FIX: Error 608 when a stored procedure that inserts rows into a temporary table on which a spatial index is created is run in SQL Server SQL performance
9731830 4018954 FIX: Domain entity drop-down displays an incorrect value when you connect to MDS by using MDS Add-in for Excel in SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services (MDS)
9827309 4018882 FIX: Mobile report does not display correct formatting when regional setting is set to Non-English in SSRS 2016 Reporting Services
9632792 4019286 FIX: SQL Server 2016 Reporting Service subscription sends a PDF attachment as an incorrect MIME type "Application/Octet-Stream" Reporting Services
9813873 3195752 FIX: Wrong number of rows returned in sys.partitions for Columnstore index in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9704568 4015034 FIX: An assertion occurs when you run an UPDATE statement on a clustered columnstore index in SQL Server 2016 SQL performance
9813872 4013208 FIX: "Partition cannot contain column segments of different data versions" error when you process data on a partition in SSAS Tabular model Analysis Services
9906185 4019671 FIX: A severe error occurs when you create a spatial index with the GEOMETRY_GRID or GEOGRAPHY_GRID option in SQL Server SQL service
9575781 4013609 FIX : Cannot sort subscriptions by column in SSRS 2016 web portal Reporting Services
9749308 4019446 FIX: SQL Server 2016 stops responding when the "Latch_Suspend_End" extended event is triggered incorrectly SQL performance
9875963 4019917 Improvement: Improves the performance in opening a mobile report that contains a large dataset in SSRS 2016 Reporting Services
9367870 3212227 FIX: You can't run a data cleanse against a view in SQL Server 2016 Data Quality Services Master Data Services (MDS)
9813879 3198751 FIX: Out-of-memory error when you run a query to access LOB columns through In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP
9813829 4013111 FIX: DMV sys.dm_hadr_availability_group_states displays "NOT_HEALTHY" in synchronization_health_desc column on secondary replicas in SQL Server High Availability
9813858 4014798 Update reduces the execution frequency of the sp_MSsubscription_cleanup stored procedure in SQL Server SQL service
8528715 3197976 FIX: Transactions are not recorded after you deactivate leaf members in a leaf members staging table in Master Data Services Master Data Services (MDS)
9647267 4016946 FIX: Deadlock when you use sys.column_store_row_groups and sys.dm_db_column_store_row_group_physical_stats DMV with large DDL operations in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9805970 4017827 FIX: Reporting Services "SortExpression" results in rsComparisonError when there is a NULL value in a column set as "DataTimeOffset" data type Reporting Services
9813837 4014756 FIX: SQL Server Profiler fails to obfuscate sp_setapprole when it's executed from a remote procedure call in SQL Server SQL service
9782406 4018955 FIX: Error when you process a calculated column on a database with compatibility level 1200 in SSAS 2016 tabular mode Analysis Services
9782644 4019511 FIX: SSAS fails to start if the MemoryHeapType and HeapTypeForObjects properties are set to -1 Analysis Services
9902336 4019893 FIX: Restore fails when you do backup with compression and checksum on TDE enabled database in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9892608 4016238 FIX: DBCC CLONEDATABASE is unsuccessful if the source database has an object originally created in SQL Server 2000 SQL service
9813853 3210089 GDR update package for SQL Server 2016 SP1 Reporting Services
9813825 4014732 FIX: A memory leak in SQLWEP causes the host process Wmiprvse.exe to crash in SQL Server SQL service
9876061 4015561 FIX: Access violation when a stored procedure is dropped before you execute END TRY section in SQL Server 2012 or 2016 SQL service
9813014 4016850 FIX: You receive incorrect results when you use SQL Server Management Objects to generate a script for a full-text Search index Management Tools
9875165 4019048 FIX: SSAS crashes when you retrieve KPIs as hidden members by using schema rowsets in SQL Server Analysis Services
9813862 4014706 FIX: Failed assertion and many access violation dump files after the sp_replcmds stored procedure is canceled in SQL Server SQL service
9710227 4015093 FIX: "rsUnknownReportParameter" error when you click a report from search results in SSRS 2016 Reporting Services
9813889 4013118 FIX: The sys.column_store_segments catalog view displays incorrect values in the column_id column in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9719202 4016361 FIX: Service Broker endpoint connections aren't closed after an availability group failover in SQL Server SQL service
9917206 4019863 FIX: An assertion occurs when you execute an ALTER TABLE SWITCH statement on a partitioned temporal history table in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9622324 4014031 FIX: Incorrect data returned by a subscription that accepts a DateTime type parameter run on a computer using a time zone that differs from the SSRS report server Reporting Services
9822240 4019718 FIX: Intra-query deadlock occurs when you execute parallel query that contains outer join operators in SQL Server 2016 SQL service
9904352 4019445 FIX: Pie chart legend doesn't format percentage values properly in SSRS 2016 mobile report Reporting Services
9901863 4019701 FIX: Database schema is corrupted when you restore a database from a snapshot in SQL Server SQL service
9818412 4025261 FIX: The setting for deadlock priority doesn't work when you run the ALTER PARTITION FUNCTION statement in SQL Server 2016 SQL service

Notes for this update

Hybrid environments deployment

When you deploy the hotfixes to a hybrid environment (such as AlwaysOn, replication, cluster, and mirroring), we recommend that you refer to the following articles before you deploy the hotfixes:

Cumulative update package information


To apply this cumulative update package, you must be running SQL Server 2016 SP1.

Restart information

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update package.

Registry information

To use one of the hotfixes in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.