Move items from the Reading List app to Microsoft Edge

Applies to: EdgeWindows 10

There’s a built-in reading list in Microsoft Edge, the new browser in Windows 10. If you used the Reading List app in Windows 8.1 and now you’ve upgraded to Windows 10, move items from the old app over to Microsoft Edge.

  • In the Reading List app, select an item to open it in Microsoft Edge. (If it opens in a different browser, first go to Start , then Settings  > System > Apps > Default apps and change your default web browser to Microsoft Edge.)
  • To add a webpage to your reading list in Microsoft Edge, go to the webpage you want to add, select Add to favorites or reading list , select Reading list, and then select Add.
    The Reading List in Microsoft Edge
  • To find your reading list, select the Favorites , select Reading list, and then choose the webpage to continue reading.