Vetting process for Partners in Partner Center

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Once invited to migrate to Partner Center, you will run through the vetting process. In account settings, you can see the detailed progress of the vetting process.

The Vetting process is the process of verifying a partner who migrates from the old Partner Membership Center Platform to the new one called Partner Dashboard based on the information the partner inserts in the system in the moment of the migration (Email, Domain, Business Profile). Also, after the migration process is completed, in case you want to updated account info – this will automatically trigger a new round of vetting to be completed.


Vetting Steps

Email ownership:

This check verifies whether you own the email address that you provided for registration. You should click on the verification email to verify the email.


Employment verification:

This check verifies that domain of the email address you provided during registration is owned by your company. This check could take 1-3 days to complete.


Vetting process for Net new partners

If you are Net new MPN partners, you will be blocked and are not allowed to transact in MPC till the vetting status is moved to Approved. For rejected status, you should be able to fix it using profile page changes.


You will see a red banner advising to review the failure reason and proceed in correcting it.


In the next screen, you will see exactly the step to be completed so that his verification can be completed.


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