Receivables Management National Account Table information

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Financials Accounts ReceivableAccounts Receivable

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National Accounts use the existing Corporate Customer Number dynamics field to define the relationship between a parent customer and its child customers.

RM_NationalAccounts_MSTR (RM00105)

To open the National Accounts window, point to Sales on the Cards menu, and then click National Accounts .

Each parent company is defined as a single record in this table. This record stores the Customer Number for this parent customer, as well as storing the four options listed above regarding parent companies.

RM_Customer_MSTR (RM00101)

Within this table, the Corporate Customer Number field will contain the customer number for that particular customer's parent customer. If the particular customer record is for a parent customer, then the Corporate Customer Number field should still populate with the parent customer's Customer Number.

RM_Cash_WORK (RM10201)

When you enter cash receipts for the parent customer, the RM_Cash_WORK table will store the cash receipt record with a Customer Number that is assigned to the parent customer.

RM_Applied_OPEN (RM20201)

For a parent company's cash receipt that is applied to child customer invoices, this table will store the apply records by using the following rules:

• The Customer Number field in these records will store the customer number for the child customers.
• The Corporate Customer Number field in this table will store the parent customer's customer number value.

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