'Validation Error: The 'DOCDATE' Element has an Invalid Value According to its Data Type' When Using the eConnect EAI Incoming Service

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'Validation Error: The 'DOCDATE' element has an invalid value according to its data type.' occurs when using the eConnect EAI Incoming Service to validate against eConnect.xsd schema.


This results from the fact that the eConnect.xsd specifies a datetime format for the date fields. Most date fields in Great Plains store only date information and the sample XML documents included with eConnect contain only date information for the these fields. In order to successfully bring in documents when validating against the eConnect.xsd schema, the data in date fields must be in the following format:


This is only necessary when using validation against the eConnect.xsd schema with the eConnect_Incoming service. If you are not validating your data or are not using Incoming service, then you can use the standard: <DOCDATE>2002-02-06</DOCDATE> formatting for date field data.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 8.0
Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 7.5
Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise 7.0
Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics 7.0