Using the same User ID in PDK as in Dynamics/eEnterprise

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How to use the same user ID in Personal Data Keeper that is setup in Dynamics/eEnterprise?


1. If the user ID is not already setup in Dynamics/eEnterprise setup the user. The SQL options should be marked so the user ID is created in SQL.

2. Grant the user access to the company by navigating to Setup | System |User Access.

3. In PDK login as 'sa' and navigate to Setup | System | SQL Options. Unmark both options.

4. Navigate to Setup | System| User.

5. Enter the User ID as the same one from Dynamics/eEnterprise.

6. Enter the Company Name, Employee Type, and Prefixes for Expense Reports and Timesheets.

7. If a password was setup in Dynamics/eEnterprise for the user you do not need to enter one here. The one from Dynamics/eEnterprise will be used for PDK.

8. Save the user.

9. Go to Enterprise Manager and under the Security tab find the user ID you just setup.

10.Right click on the user and go to Properties.

11.Click on the Database Access tab.

12.Make sure the user has access to the DYNAMICS database and the company database.

13.In the lower half of the window make sure public and DYNGRP are both marked.

14.The user will be able to login to PDK and eEnterprise now.

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