Open Operation on SY Company Master failed because path does not exist when launching PDK

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I just installed Personal Data Keeper. When launching it for the first time, I receive the error: An Open Operation on SY_Company_Master failed because the path does not exist. What should I do?


If you are receiving this error try the following things to resolve it.

1. This error will occur if you chose to install the System folders into an incorrect directory when installing Personal Data Keeper. You can simply delete the Personal Data Keeper Folder where you installed it and reinstall it. When asked to choose a destination for system files, be sure to browse out to your Dynamics/System folder.

2. Open the Dex.ini in the Personal Data Keeper directory and check what the 'Workstation=' line says. Compare this with the Dex.ini from your Dynamics directory. These two lines must be the same. If they are different, change the Personal Data Keeper dex.ini line to whatever is in the Dynamics dex.ini.

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