New Sop order/invoice report won't show as an option to print

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I modified the SOP blank invoice form and I cannot see it as an option to print. I inserted the Sop Blank invoice form into the modified report side in Report Writer and chose duplicate. I named it SOP form and modified the report. I am unable to print the report because I can't see it as an option under Print Sales Documents. All I see is the original options (Blank paper, Short Form, Long Form and Other Form). I don't see SOP Form as an option. Why?


The reason you cannot see the report as an option is because it is considered a custom report. When you choose to duplicate a report it then becomes custom. You can only print custom reports from Reports - Customiz ed. The problem with custom SOP forms is that you cannot specify what batch or document to print. If you want to modify a SOP form insert the report into the modified side in Report Writer and then open the report to modify. Do not duplicate the report.

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