Extender security access is not removed for users or for user classes in Microsoft Great Plains


When you remove Extender security access for users or for user classes in Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains, it may appear that security access has not been removed. When you reopen the Extender Security dialog box, all items still appear to be selected. Items in the collapsed tree view such as Dialogs , Inquires , and Windows appear to be selected. However, when you expand the items to view the security selections that you made for Extender resources, the items are not selected.


This behavior is by design.


To verify that security has already been removed, you must examine an expanded view. To do this, follow these steps:
1. On the Tools menu, click Extender , and then click Security . The Extender Security dialog box opens.
2. In the Users area, select the user class or the user from whom you previously removed security.
3. Expand Windows or another item for which you removed security access. All security has been removed for the Extender windows to which you did not want the users or the user classes to have access.