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The following are the assignment fields in Microsoft Office Project. For more information, click a field name.

Actual Cost fields

Actual Finish fields

Actual Overtime Cost fields

Actual Overtime Work fields

Actual Start fields

Actual Work fields

ACWP fields

Assignment fields

Assignment Delay fields

Assignment Units fields

Baseline Cost fields

Baseline Finish fields

Baseline Start fields

Baseline Work fields

Baseline1-10 Cost fields

Baseline1-10 Finish fields

Baseline1-10 Start fields

Baseline1-10 Work fields

BCWP fields

BCWS fields

Confirmed fields

Cost fields

Cost Rate Table fields

Cost Variance fields

Cost1-10 fields

Critical fields

CV fields

Date1-10 fields

Duration1-10 fields

Enterprise Cost1-10 fields

Enterprise Date1-30 fields

Enterprise Duration1-10 fields

Enterprise Flag1-20 fields

Enterprise Number1-40 fields

Enterprise Resource Outline Code1-29 fields

Enterprise Text1-40 fields

Finish (assignment field)

Finish Variance fields

Finish1-10 fields

Flag1-20 fields

Hyperlink fields

Hyperlink Address fields

Hyperlink Href fields

Hyperlink SubAddress fields

Indicators fields

Leveling Delay fields

Linked Fields fields

Notes fields

Number1-20 fields

Outline Level fields

Overallocated fields

Overtime Cost fields

Overtime Work fields

Peak fields

Percent (%) Work Complete fields

Priority fields

Project fields

RBS fields

Regular Work fields

Remaining Cost fields

Remaining Overtime Cost fields

Remaining Overtime Work fields

Remaining Work fields

Request/Demand (assignment field)

Resource Group fields

Resource ID (assignment field)

Resource Initials fields

Resource Name (assignment field)

Resource Type (assignment field)

Response Pending fields

Start fields

Start Variance fields

Start1-10 fields

SV fields

Task ID (assignment field)

Task Name (assignment field)

Task Outline Number (assignment field)

Task Summary Name fields

TeamStatus Pending fields

Text1-30 fields

Unique ID fields

Update Needed fields

VAC fields

WBS fields

Work fields

Work Contour fields

Work Variance fields

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