Clock in and out with Shifts

If your manager has set up the time clock feature, you can clock in and out of your shifts in Teams using your mobile device. If they’ve set up location detection and you’ve allowed Teams access to your location, your location will be documented when you clock in and out.

Note: If your organization allows it, you can open Shifts while you're not working. You may see a screen asking you to acknowledge that you're not on shift.

Clock in

  1. In Shifts, tap  Microsoft Teams Time Clock icon Time clock, and then tap the shift you want to clock in for.

  2. Press and hold down Microsoft Teams Shifts start button under Microsoft Teams Time Clock icon Shift, and you’ll be clocked in.

    Note: GPS locations are approximate. Occasionally you may be inaccurately marked as off location. Notify your manager if this happens.

Set your status

Your status in Shifts is set to either On shift, Off shift, or Busy. Your status is set to Busy if you're in a Teams meeting, or you can set it yourself to let others know you're busy, like when you need to focus on completing a task or helping a customer. Here's how:

  1. Tap Menu at the top left.

  2. Tap your current status.

  3. Tap Busy.

Take a break

  • Press and hold down  Microsoft Teams Shifts start button under Microsoft Teams Shifts break icon Break, and you’ll be clocked out to start your break.

From there, you can end your break by pressing and holding down Microsoft Teams stop button under  Microsoft Teams Shifts break icon Break

Clock out

  • Press and hold down Microsoft Teams Shifts stop button under Microsoft Teams shift icon Shift when you’re ready to clock out.

Time sheet

You can view previous time clock activity or correct your information using the time sheet.

  • In Shifts, select Time clock, tap Microsoft Teams time sheet icon at the upper right corner to open your time sheet.

From here, you can view your time sheet, add missing clock-in and clock-out information using the + button at the top right corner, and edit or confirm existing time clock activity from up to a month earlier.

Note: Any changes you make using Time Sheet will be recorded on your manager’s exported time clock report.

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