You can have instant messaging (IM) conversations with one or more contacts.

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Send an instant message to a single contact

To send an instant message, do the following:

  1. From the contacts screen, tap search. Start typing a person’s name in the search box. The results appear below the box.

  2. When you find the contact you’re looking for, tap the person’s name, and on the card screen, tap the send IM icon, and start typing your message.

Receive an instant message

When you’re signed in to the Lync app but not actively using the Lync app, and someone sends you an instant message, an alert appears on the top of the screen. Do the following:

  • To accept the invitation, tap the alert.


  • If you are also signed in to Lync on another device, you may receive a message that Lync could not connect to the conversation. The message appears in the conversations screen as a missed conversation. If this happens, open the missed conversation and send a message to continue the conversation on your mobile device.

  • You can also turn on Push Notifications, to receive a notification when someone is trying to contact you when you are not actively using Lync on your mobile phone.

Invite others to a conversation

During an IM conversation, invite someone new by doing the following:

  1. To invite someone to an instant message conversation, from the Conversation screen, tap the More (…) icon at the bottom of the screen, and then tap invite.

  2. Select or search for the contact you would like to invite to the conversation.

Switch between instant message conversations

  • To switch between conversations, from the conversations screen tap the conversation you want to reply to.

Escalate an instant message to a call

Escalate an IM conversation to a call by doing the following:

  • From the Conversation screen, tap the More (…) icon at the bottom, and then tap call work.

Find a recent or missed conversation

When you miss a conversation, the conversations tab will show a missed conversation icon.

  1. To view a missed or recent conversation, from theconversations screen, a list of recent and missed conversation will appear.

  2. Tap the conversation to reply.

End a conversation

When you’re done with an IM conversation, do the following:

  • From the Conversation screen, Tap the More (…) icon at the bottom, and then tap delete conversation.

Note:  This action permanently deletes the conversation from your device. To save the conversation, send an email of the conversation history to your email address.

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