Develop account plans together to close deals faster

Develop account plans together to close deals faster

Due to the nature of Inside Sales, and a surge in remote work, it is difficult to collaborate with team members for optimal business results. You can easily work on an account, set context, and share and develop drafts of important documents in Microsoft Teams. Team members can chat, review and coauthor files, and have video calls. 

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Add Planner as a tab to assign and track tasks in preparation for customer meetings. Share, discuss, and iterate on presentations and other documents in the channel, so everyone can see and contribute to the latest version. 

When an important issue arises, get everyone on the same page to respond quickly. Search Teams conversations and files to get previously shared insight and resources relevant to the issue. Use @mentions to notify a colleague of an escalation in real time to stay on top of progress.


  • Develop RFPs as a team.

  • Work together as a team on challenging prospects.

  • Gain team input in real time.

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