Excel functions that return ranges or arrays

In September, 2018 we announced that Dynamic Array support would be coming to Excel. This allows formulas to spill across multiple cells if the formula returns multi-cell ranges or arrays. This new dynamic array behavior can also affect earlier functions that have the ability to return a multi-cell range or array. 

Below is a list of functions that could return multi-cell ranges or arrays in what we refer to as pre-dynamic array Excel. If these functions were used in workbooks predating dynamic arrays, and returned a multi-cell range or array to the grid (or a function that did not expect them), then silent implicit intersection would have occurred. Dynamic array Excel indicates where implicit intersection could occur using the @ operator, and as a result, these functions may be prepended with an @ if they were originally authored in a pre-dynamic array version of Excel. Additionally, if authored on dynamic array Excel, these functions may appear as legacy array formulas in pre-dynamic array Excel unless prepended with @. 

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