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When you want to construct a more specific query, you may want to use Advanced Search. By using Advanced Search you can choose to display or exclude results that include certain words, filter search results by language or type, and search on content properties. One disadvantage of using Advanced Search is that by using too many parameters or restrictions the query can slow down performance. As with any search query, use as few words or restrictions as possible to widen the results and then narrow the results by refining them.

  1. To display the Advanced Search page, click the Advanced link next to the Search box on the search results page or on a Search Center site.

  2. Under Find documents with, type words or phrases in the fields that are shown in the following illustration. You can choose to match each word, every word, an exact phrase, or to exclude results that include certain words.

    Text boxes in which you can type keyword to find documents with all words, exact words, any words, or  none of the specified words

  3. To narrow your search results by language, select one or more check boxes next to Only the language(s).

    Language check boxes for English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish

  4. To narrow your search results by document format, click an option from the Result type list.

    Results choices including All Results, Documents, Word Documents, Excel Documents, and PowerPoint Presentations

  5. To find content that is marked with certain values, use the fields beside the heading Where the Property. Click a property from the Pick Property list, choose a logical operator, and type a value that you want to search for. Click Add Property to search on more than one property, or on another value for the same property. In the following example, the search results will display items authored by Mike Smith that contain the term "Budget" in the name.

    Select properties and operators from the drop-down options

  6. Click Search to display your search results.

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