How the iPad substitutes fonts

When you create a document on a PC or Mac, and then open it in Word for the iPad, you may see this message:

Text may look different, because this file uses fonts that aren’t available.

The message appears because your document uses one or more fonts the iPad doesn’t have. When you see the message:

  • Word for the iPad will substitute an available font for the missing font. The substitution may change the look of the document on the iPad, but it won’t change the file. The file will look unchanged on Mac or PC that has the original font.

  • The Font list shows you the name of the original font.

  • You can add or edit text without changing the original font.

  • You can apply a different font, and it will appear in the document when viewed on the Mac or PC.

Tip:  You can apply fonts that aren’t available if they’re used elsewhere in the document. Copy the text with the font you want to use, select the text to which you want to apply the font, then tap Paste Format.

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