Invite your Yammer community to a live event

Inviting your community to your live event is one of the most effective ways of promoting your event and ensuring you drive high attendance. Now you can stop bouncing between your calendar and Yammer. You can invite your entire Yammercommunity to your live event with the click of a button when scheduling your event.

How to send an invite

If you are an event organizer, you can send an invite to the community with just a click. Or if you prefer to send the invite later, you can skip sending it at setup and choose from other options later. Some of the other options include downloading an iCalendar (ICS) file, copying and pasting a direct link to the event, or sending an invite directly from Yammer.

1. As you're finishing up scheduling an event, a screen will appear where you can invite your community to the event. You can choose to send an invitation in this step or skip to the event page and then use other options for inviting the community. 

2. Choose among the following options:

  • Send while setting up event (recommended): If you select Send while setting up the event, the calendar invite will be sent to your entire community. This invite will include a Join Now button for attendees so they can easily connect to the event. The invite will remain synchronized to the event – any changes you make to your event will reflect here as well.

    Screenshot showing sending an invitation when configuring live event

  • Download an Internet Calendar (iCalendar) file: If you download an Internet calendar (iCalendar) file, this will produce a calendar invite with a file that downloads locally on your computer. This file has an .ics extension, and you can pre-populate this invite with your event information or customize it as you like. Use this option if you don’t want the calendar to be synced with your event.

  • Copy and share event URL: You can copy the event URL and share it directly with your community.

  • Yammer community: If you send the calendar invite directly from Yammer–-all your community members will receive it. They will be able to directly select the invite by selecting Join Now to go to the event page.

    Screenshot showing screen for joining a live event

    The benefits of sending from Yammer include inviting your community with one click without worrying about an email recipient limit. You can also send it automatically without toggling between Yammer and your calendar. It's also easy to keep your calendar and event in sync. Any changes to date, time, description will automatically show up on the calendar invite.


Q: I don’t want to send my invite right now. Can I do it later?

A: Sure. Select Skip for now and you will proceed to the event page. If you want to send a calendar invite later, select the Share button to display the calendar dialog box.

Q: I’ve already sent my invite. Can I send it again? 

A: Once you send a calendar invite is sent, you can't send it again. This helps prevent duplicate calendar invites. That said, any updates to your event will automatically update the calendar invite as well.

Q: I want to change the information and/or design of the calendar invite. Can I do that?

A: At this time customizing of the calendar invite isn’t available within Yammer. To make any changes to your calendar invite, open your calendar invite and adjust the information there.

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