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Use Microsoft 365 across your work and devices

Make your work and PC accessible

Make your work and PC accessible

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Whether you’re building content for others or adjusting your computer, use Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 to confidently create content and customize your PC to fit you.

Use Dictate in Office

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Use Dictate to talk instead of typing into a file.

  1. Select Home > Dictate.

  2. Start talking. As you talk, text appears in your file.

  3. Select Dictate to stop typing.

Note: In Outlook, you'll need to select Message > Dictate to start dictation.

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Dictate with your voice in Office

Make Office work more Intelligently for you

Use Dictation in Windows

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Use Dictation to convert spoken words into text anywhere on your PC with Windows 10.

  1. Select a text field.

  2. Press Windows + H to open the dictation bar.

  3. Start talking. As you talk, text appears.

  4. Select Microphone to end dictation, or say "stop dictation".

Note: Dictation is only available for the English-speaking market in the U.S. Your PC must be connected online.

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Use dictation to talk instead of type on your PC

Windows 10 accessibility

Check document accessibility in Word

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Run the Accessibility Checker to identify and fix common accessibility issues in your file.

  1. Select Review > Check Accessibility.

  2. Select what you want to fix from the pane.

  3. Review Errors, Warnings, and Tips in the Accessibility Checker pane.

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Office Accessibility Center - Resources for people with disabilities

Accessibility in Microsoft 365

How to build more inclusive presentations

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Explore tips to improve accessibility in your PowerPoint slides.

  • Use Designer to design slides and generate alt text for your photos. Right-click an image and select Edit Alt Text to modify it.

  • Select Check Accessibility to identify accessibility issues in your file.

  • Select Start Subtitles to turn on live subtitles as you present.

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Download free, pre-built templates

Create more accessible slides

Try it out with templates

A visually impaired man walks assisted with a seeing-eye dog

A sample of the most popular accessible PowerPoint templates fully optimized for people with visual disabilities.

Download the template

A bar chart in Excel showing monthly expenses

Make your own accessible monthly budget in Excel, or create new ones for people who are blind or have low vision.

Download the template

An office desk with a laptop and papers strewn on it

Customize this accessible PowerPoint template, or follow tips to create your own accessible presentation.

Download the template

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