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Note: This topic describes features in new Yammer. For information on using this feature in classic Yammer, see Manage a group in Yammer.

As a Yammer community admin, a part of your role is to manage the members of your community. For managing Connected Groups in Yammer—for example, to perform tasks like managing members to a Yammer community backed by a Microsoft 365 group—Network Admins need to be the Group admins of that community.

Note: Updates to community membership, permissions or other settings that are made in Microsoft 365, Azure AD, or Yammer can take up to 24 hours to be replicated across your network. For example, if you make a change to the membership of a group in Azure AD, it can take up to 24 hours for that change to take effect in Yammer.

Add community members by searching for specific people

  1. On the home page of the community, select the Add People icon on the right pane.

    Yammer comunity members

    You can also access members from the module in a community’s About Page. This will open up your community’s member panel.

    More information about Yammer community members

  2. Select the people you want to add to your community.

    Yammer community members in a side panel

Add community members from a .CSV file

Note: If your Yammer network is in Native Mode, the following steps might not work. Instead, follow the directions in Bulk add group members in Azure Active Directory. If you need assistance, contact your admin.

  1. Create your comma-separated values (.CSV) file. You can export data from Outlook or other email programs or start from some other list of email addresses.

    The .CSV file must include:

    • A header line. The header of the column containing email addresses must include the word Email or E-mail.

    • One line per email address. All email addresses must be in your Yammer domain. For example, if your Yammer network is for, all email addresses must include

    Here's an example of a simple .csv file with a header line, containing two email addresses:


    There can be additional columns in your .CSV file. If there are multiple columns, use a comma to separate the column values.

    For help exporting data from Outlook, see Export contacts from Outlook.

  2. In Yammer, select the community settings icon Yammer community settings icon from the dropdown menu for Yammer community settings.

    Yammer community header and Settings dropdown

  3. In the Members section, select Add from Address Book (CSV), and then specify the file name.

  4. To preview your import, select Preview. Select the people you'd like to send invitations to right from the preview.

Remove a community member

  1. From the right pane of your community, select the Plus sign Yammer community plus sign icon to open up the member panel.

  2. Search for the person by name or email.

  3. Select the options icon next to the person’s name, and then select Remove from community.

    Make someone a community administrator

Add a new community admin

Communities can have up to 100 admins.

  1. From the right pane of your community, select the Plus sign Yammer community plus sign icon to open up the member panel.

  2. Search for the person by name or email.

  3. Select the options icon next to the person’s name, and then select Make Admin.

    Admins have a star next to their icon that shows up under Members. You can also see the community admins from the About Page members pane.

    Make someone a community administrator


Q. Who can make me an admin for a community?

A. When you create a community, you automatically become a community admin for that community. Another community admin or a Yammer verified admin can also give you the community admin role.

A Yammer network admin can make you a community admin of a public community but can only make you a community admin of a private community if they belong to that community.

To find Yammer admins for your organization, select the Yammer Settings icon Yammer community settings icon, select People, and then select View network admins.

View community administrators

Q. The community admin left the company. How can I become an admin?

A. A Yammer verified admin can make you an admin for any community.

Q. Can I export community membership information to a .csv file?

A. Any community member can create a .csv file with the names and email addresses of community members. For information, see Export community members to a .csv file.

Q. How do I know when someone requests to join a community I am an admin for?

A. You will get a notification in Yammer. If in your email notification preferences, if you select Someone requests to join a private community I administer, you will also receive an email notification. For steps, see Enable or disable email and phone notifications.

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