Got a project you're tracking in Project desktop that you'd love to move online? You can move your .mpp file from Project 2016 and later to a new project in the Project for the web Power Apps experience.

  1. Get started in Project Power Apps. Learn more

  2. Go to the My Active Projects tab.

  3. In the ribbon, select Import from Project.

  4. In the dialog box, select Choose file.

  5. Browse to the .mpp file you want to import, and select Open.

  6. In the Import custom fields dialog box, choose up to 10 custom fields that you want to import into your Project for the web project, then select Done.

  7. The Import complete message appears listing any features from your Project desktop file that aren't supported in Project for the web and what changes were made to allow import. Review these changes, and then select OK to start working on your project in Project for the web.


  • Some features of Project desktop aren't supported in Project for the web. Learn more

  • Your .mpp file won't be altered or affected by the import process. If the new Project for the web project doesn't work for you, you can delete it and either try again or go back to using your original Project desktop project.

  • The project you want to import must not exceed Project for the web limits and boundaries. If it does and you attempt to import anyway, you'll get an error.

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