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Plan projects and track deadlines

Plan projects and track deadlines

Organize your work - whether individual tasks or business projects - with a quick Microsoft To Do list or a bigger-picture task board in Microsoft Planner. Use templates to share your project plan or timeline with stakeholders.

Try these three options to accomplish your business goals, whether large or small:

1. Track your tasks and deadlines with Microsoft To-Do

Start simply, but powerfully - jot down your top tasks to accomplish today in Microsoft To Do, and set due dates and reminders for future tasks.

  1. Download the Microsoft To Do app to work on the go, or go to Microsoft To Do in your browser.

  2. Select Add a task and type your first task.

  3. Press ENTER or RETURN and then type your next task.

  4. To add a reminder or due date to a task, select it, and then choose Remind me or Add due date.

Need a little help? Learn how to: Add due dates and reminders to your to-dos.

2. Plan and track your projects with Microsoft Planner

Use a task board to track a project with Microsoft Planner. You can quickly set up a project and assign tasks to buckets and view the tasks all up on a board so you can quickly see the status of each task.

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You can set up your project in many ways, depending on your business. For example, these videos show you how to use Microsoft Planner to:

Need a little help? Learn how to:

3. Communicate about your project with templates

Download these templates to track projects or show project timelines in a graphical way with Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint: Timeline templates

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